Show Rules

1. The Show will be governed in the main by the R.H.S.  Show Handbook, which can be examined on application to the Secretary.


2. Entries will be taken as detailed on entry forms.  No entry fees are payable.  No entries will be accepted after the times shown on the entry form.


3. The number of entries an exhibitor may make in any one class is restricted to two, except one for the Mini Saga.


4. All exhibits must be the bone fide property of, cultivated or made (except section D) by the exhibitor and not previously exhibited at this show.


5. Members are admitted free.


6. Class cards are issued when exhibits are staged and must be placed with each exhibit, (name hidden).  Exhibitors are encouraged to label horticultural exhibits with the name of the variety.  Exhibits, with the exception of Mini Sagas, may only be submitted at the time shown below.


7. Staging of exhibits may commence at 8.00am and must be completed by 10.30am on the day of the show, when all but the judges and officials must leave the hall.  Exhibits and prize cards must remain on display until the Show closes at 5.00pm.  The Committee will  dispose of any exhibits not collected.


8. Large size containers are provided for Section A but any suitable container may be used.


9. The Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits before, during or after the Show, but all reasonable care will be taken.


10. Judges may withhold prizes where the standard is too low, or where there are insufficient entries.


11. Notice of any objection to an exhibitor or exhibit is to be made in writing and handed to the Secretary before 3.00pm on the day of the Show.


12. The Committee shall have the power to decide all matters not provided for in these rules and on all matters on which there is any question, and their decision shall be final.


13. Points for Challenge Cups are awarded as follows:

     1. 3 points - 1st prize

     2. 2 points - 2nd prize

     3. 1 point - 3rd prize except for Classes 1, 52 and 70, which are awarded double points.  Classes 54-59 are only awarded a 1st prize (3 points).


14. All cups and trophies shall remain the property of the Society and will be held by the winners for one year only, to be handed back by 31st July.


15. The Banksian Medal will be awarded to the winner of the highest number of place points in sections A, B and C.  The competitor who won the medal in 2012 or 2013 will not be eligible for the Medal this year.  Similarly, the winners in 2013 of the Society Cup, the Leslie Challenge Cup or the John Windmill Cup will not be eligible this year.


16. There will be no cash prizes for exhibitors.