Mini Saga 2018            



A mini saga must be a complete fictional tale with a beginning, middle and end, and something happening - not simply description or rumination.


Its length must be exactly 50 words, plus a title of up to 15 words. Hyphenated words count as one.


Several examples are shown below. You’ll see that each is exactly 50 words long.


There is no theme for the sagas, so indulge your imagination.


Please print off the show entry form, fill in your contact details, sign the form, then write your mini saga on the reverse side of the form.


To give us more time to judge them, please hand in your entry form with the mini saga by the Wednesday deadline before the Show.  


(Note: only one Mini Saga per entrant.)


2017 winners:  


FIRST: Fate, by Malcolm Hord  


Today was his birthday.  The excited girls and I always celebrated it although he had left for the Western Front more than two years ago. Of course his presents remained unopened awaiting the joy of his return.  The door bell rang. It was an official telegram – from the War Office.


SECOND: A Journey into the Unknown, by Sue Trevelyan


They knew only confinement, dim light, dry food and water.  Then unexpected transportation in a dark container.   Finally silence, as Bob and Marley were blinded by light, assaulted by strange smells, the unfamiliar feel of grass underfoot, clover, dandelions and delicious, wonderful marjoram! Oh bliss – guinea pigs do love gardens.  


THIRD Marital Bliss, by Jennie Dewsbury  


Graham always looked in the window of the charity shop.  Today, at the front, he recognised a hat, a special hat, one his wife had worn at their wedding not that long ago.  That was when he knew it was really over, despite all his efforts, she wasn’t coming back.