Mini Saga 2017            



A mini saga must be a complete fictional tale with a beginning, middle and end, and something happening - not simply description or rumination.


Its length must be exactly 50 words, plus a title of up to 15 words. Hyphenated words count as one.


Several examples are shown below. You’ll see that each is exactly 50 words long.


There is no theme for the sagas, so indulge your imagination.


Please print off the show entry form, fill in your contact details, sign the form, then write your mini saga on the reverse side of the form.


To give us more time to judge them, please hand in your entry form with the mini saga by the Wednesday deadline before the Show.  


(Note: only one Mini Saga per entrant.)


2016 winners:  


FIRST: Writing can seriously damage your health, by Corinna Leigh-Turner  


“Try writing a story”, challenged the disenchanted wife.  So he did, and countless more, till, becoming obsessed, he lost his reason.  The medics, agreeing, arranged the removal of the raving wordaholic leaving free at last the artful spouse to sell his stories and buy an airline ticket to the sun.  


SECOND: Healing, by Elisabeth Balfour


The little girl plucked at Maddy’s sleeve.   She was heartbreakingly, innocently beautiful.  ‘What’s your name?’ Maddy could hardly speak.  The child so resembled the one she had lost.  The little girl said firmly, ‘I’m adopting you as my auntie,’ and her determination was healing.  Somehow, Maddy knew she would recover.


THIRD: One for the pot, by Janice Halstead  


A novelty at first – a rabbit, how cute!  However there were soon several, consuming vegetables as they began to grow: French beans, carrots, peas, beetroot.  A chicken wire fence kept most out but one persisted.  Tempers became frayed when he returned once too often.  Supper was extremely tasty that evening.